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 Roleplay and general rules of conduct

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PostSubject: Roleplay and general rules of conduct   Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:56 pm

1 - Your characters
1.1 - The personalities
Here, every character has their own personality. I would ask you to simply respect this personality. If your character would most of the time be silent and solitary, he won't start hugging everyone and wishing them a good day while laughing... Unless he's drunk or on drugs. Keep a certain coherence for that.
1.2 - Stay coherent
What I mean by that is that if your character is 15 years old, he cannot be an ultimate sword master who is super powerful. Remember that older your character gets, more he is experienced. So of course, a 15 years CAN NOT have the experience of a thirty years old or more. Unless he technically is older than that but looks 15, then he is not 15 years old. Just be coherent, something that takes years to achieve the goal should not be achieved too fast.
1.3 Character reference sheets
I will ask you to make your reference sheets in the rightful place, under refence sheet in pending to approval and check the reference sheet example

2 - Roleplay rules
2.1 - God modding
I will ask you to not make your character someone who's ultrapowerfulthatkillseverythinganddodgeseverythingofthedeaththatkills. You can of course give some abilities, but please be reasonable. If they have big powers, give them big weaknesses. It also means don't dodge every single attacks of the other role player, be fair and be logical too, if theirs an attack that would take advantage on your character, than so be it.
2.2 - Do not auto hit
Remember one thing, auto hitting is ze deviiiiil.
Bad post - He ran toward the opponent, taking his sword out and stabbed him straight in the side, grinning at him.
Good post - He ran toward the opponent, taking his sword out and aimed to stab his side.
The good post gives the other player the choice to chose if he dodges or not, the only one who has the rights to chose what hits your character gets is you. But like said in the god modding one, don't start dodging every single attacks and if the other person has an advantage like he's really close, be logical once again.
2.3 - Do not kill other's character without their permission
This will go back to god modding, but the only reason you should have the rights to kill someone's character is if he gives you the permission to. Be fair.
2.4 - Do not meta roleplay
This means one simple thing, your character cannot know things he should generally not know.
2.5 - Do not control other characters EXCEPT if given special permission
This is actually something I had done in a forum which helped making posts bigger and everybody would do it. I'll give the permission to do that here, but you must ask the player's permission. If you do that, you must be sure you can play the personality perfectly, I remember before, their we're some I didn't exactly like when they controlled my characters because they did not get the personality right.
To add to that, if you do infact do that, it should normally be for simple little actions, discussions, etc. It must not be used to have the advantage on another during battle.
2.6 - Mature roleplays
Mature roleplays will have to stay on skype. I would love to keep this website PG16.

3 - Chatbox and community
3.1 - No racial content
Don't be a dick, we are all breathing creatures with a beating heart, so I will ask no racism.
3.2 - No homophobiac conversations
I understand if some are against it and all and that I respect it, but the least is that you respect them aswell. Once again, we are all breathing creatures with a beating heart, as long as it doesn't personally attack you, let it go.
3.3 - Respect others opinions
One thing is I value a looot respect, nobody is a dumbass because he thinks like that... Everybody has their own opinions. It's a big question of respect, as long as someone's opinion is not harmful to the others, it should be respected, but if your opinion can be harmful to the others, keep it to yourself.
3.4 - Don't excessively cuss
I don't mind curse words and all, but excessive cursing can get veeeery annoying.
3.5 - For extremely dirty conversations, keep it in the mature conversation section
I know some can feel very uncomfortable in dirty conversations and not everybody needs to hear about those. So all this will have to be in the adult section.
3.6 - Keep the contreversial conversations out of the chatbox but in the rightful topic
Please don't start contreversial conversations that could end up bad.
3.7 Be nice to eachothers
If you can't smell eachothers, stay away from eachothers. Just ignore eachothers cause we don't need any bitchin' in this forum, lets try to avoid drama the most possible XD
3.8 Keep it PG16
Meaning don't start being super sexual in the chatbox. Not everyone will be 18+ and not everyone is comfortable with it!

4 - Others
4.1 - Do not ask me to make you a moderator or administrator.
I won't put a lot of people into moderation and only those I want to put moderator. If I put you into moderation, it's because I think you deserved it.
4.2 - Do not advertise your website on my forum
That's a common sense thing, you don't advertise your website or forum on mine because it's something extremely disrespectful. Thought, I will permit affiliates but you will have to go propose yourself in the rightful topic.
4.3 - No art thief
Being from deviantart, a lot of people does their own art. I will ask not to steal anybody's art and if I ever find out someone stole someone else's art, it's insta ban.
4.4 - Respect the moderators and administrators.
Of course, you gotta respect them, so if they have to talk to you about something don't be a douche canoe. Of course, if a mod is being abusive or something, you can send me a private message and you gotta have a screen shot to prove what you said. If a mod is being abusive, I will immediately demod him.

For the banning system, you have atleast three warnings. In the chatbox, for example, you will be warned first. Afterwards, kicked, if you continue, temporarly banned.

You will only get temporarly banned 3 times, afterwards, it's a definite banning.

I hope all of you will follow these rules ^^ have fun in this forum~
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Roleplay and general rules of conduct
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